ÀTẸ́LẸWỌ́ did this project to celebrate Bàbá Láwuyì Ògúnníran, the famous author of Eégún Aláré and many other Yorùbá literature books. We also did this project to document some aspect of Bàbá’s life through an interview with and one of his children, Túndé Ògúnníran. This project was shot on the 5th day of September, 2020, the day ÀTẸ́LẸWỌ́ gave an award to Bàbá in appreciation of his invaluable contrbution to the Yorùbá race through his literature works. However, it is saddening, that Bàbá departed on the 21st day of September, 2020 before this work was released. May his soul rest in peace. Àmín. For support and partnership on similar projects like this, please visit www.atelewo.org or call 08169864345 or 07061282516

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